At 76Fest we believe that Americanism has strayed far from it’s roots; primarily in connections to the land itself. We provide a 2 night, 3 day immersive experience for American patriots in nature packed with activities like tent camping, fishing, hiking, swimming, and much more. All our events are primitive camping style, with little to no cell service, no running water, no electricity and no other modern distractions.


While our events are lots of fun, we primarily focus on hosting various political speakers. Each event hosts 3-5 speakers of the state leader’s choosing that are NOT recorded so the speakers can speak more freely without worrying about big tech censorship. Each event also comes with the opportunity for Q&A sessions with each speaker as well as a meet and greet opportunity.


Part of winning back American culture is platforming the arts. We host various conservative multi media artists at our events; musicians, videographers, photographers and much more. We will soon be opening an online exhibition to showcase conservative artists and creators on our website!

Bringing America first values to youth nation wide through an outdoor experience

76Fest LLC