Introducing 76Speak; a place for you to book great speakers for your own conservative events and college chapters! Below is a list of our available speakers. For speaking fees and booking requests, click the button below.

*Any college chapters applying are required to also book a $10 zoom class with 76Speak organizer titled “How to Host a Campus Speaker 101”. This class – and other optional ones – are available for booking at the bottom of this page. At least 2 members of chapter leadership are required to attend the class.*


John Doyle is the beloved host of Heck off Commie. He contributes in many ways to many conservative organizations, but is known mainly for his individual work.

Shekinah Hollingsworth is an America First Conservative activist, who has recently been chosen as the Republican nominee for the House of Delegates in the Maryland Legislature. 

She has worked for, and interned at a number of conservative organizations, and has an extensive history serving on conservative campaigns. Like Lauren Witzke’s Senate Campaign in 2020, as well as President Trump’s reelection campaign.

Using her online presence, she has been able to educate, and recruit, young people in the right wing to take action in their local municipalities to help win the war on the right. 

Kai Schwemmer is a 19 year old conservative commentator, campus speaker and the charismatic host of ‘Out of Touch’. Well known for his chipper disposition Kai works hard to bring the right together into a cohesive, politically effective, tent. Alongside politics Kai often discusses fitness and religion, helping to guide generation Z.

James Anderson White was told that he was an old soul since the days of his youth, but it was only as he watched his country and its populace falling into ruin that he began to recognize what that meant. As an activist, YouTube commentator, and preacher of God’s word, James has become one of this generation’s fastest growing Right-Wing figures with his uniquely hopeful and unapologetically Christian message.

Embodying the search to rediscover and reclaim the American Spirit, James uses his online platform to advocate for the rebuilding of individuals, families, and this nation by returning to the values upon which it was founded. These values, he believes, can raise us from the ashes of modernity and into a glorious American Revival.

Through his channel, and by his contributions to organizations like 76Fest and American Virtue, James is leading the charge to reclaim our American heritage, reject the poison of modern convenience-culture, and restore this country as “One Nation under God.”

Brandt Wiggins – known better as Based Brandt online – is a staunch social conservative and advocate for America First. Using his political forethought and social media following, he advocates for other young, Gen-Z conservatives like himself to speak their mind and push back against the encroaching liberal order. 

Once complacent to the American decline, Brandt became unapologetically conservative after witnessing the pandemic and its subsequent consequences. 

Brandt, along with his various other projects, now hosts two shows and spends his time educating other young conservatives. He hopes to cultivate a new, America First culture within the conservative movement.

Gillyan Stone is an Investigative Journalist, seen regularly on CrossTalk News, & weekly on PARANOID Podcast.

Gillyan broke away from the Matrix of Con Inc after being cancelled for her Christian Values

She is now dedicated to calling out Big-Tent Conservatism & Red-Pilling those who are STILL trapped in the Matrix.